One of the most popular Russian magazine "Popular Mechanics" has compiled a list of the most interesting startups in "GenerationS". RCML, of course, is in the list.

 "Perm programmers using the RCML  language, have created an environment wherer the robots will be able to join groups within the network and share the responsibilities. With RCML robots will perform tasks, and interact with each other within the framework of the working community. The idea of creating a language came after the team thought about creating a robot which will be able to exist in a lonely environment:. whether the space or the ocean. One of the devs, Michael Tulkin, notes that the RCML language allows the programmer does not understand the "iron stuffing" of the robot, to engage creation of control programs for him. "

Read the full article here: Автостопом по будущему. Часть 2