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RCML in the issue of News of Perm Region

Little insides about our trip to INNOPROM-2017 in the issue of News of Perm Region on the RBC channel.

RCML in a news on the Rifey-Perm channel

The interest in our project by the russian president at the INNOPROM-2017 has not been missed by media.

Watch the story about our project, Vladimir Putin and INNOPROM-2017!

How it was at Skolkovo Robotics 2017

The “Skolkovo Robotics 2017” conference has finished and the web-portal “RoboGeek” suggests us to see at that event though participant’s eyes. It’s got everything : comments, opinions, curiously things and wishes for the future. Check it out : here!

RCML is on the top of rating

We welcome opinions and criticism of our work!  And here is one.
Thank you Ludmila Golubkova for the high appreciation of our work, for the article and the first place in the "Startup Collector" April rating!

More details here!

About Skolkovo Robotics in details

An excellent article was published on the website about our participation at Skolkovo Robotics conference. Our “barman-robots” left no one indifferent! About visitor's impression, project and plans for the future read here!

Thanks Olga Shetinina for the article!

RCML on Rbc TV programm “Lidery rynka” with Elena Khrupova - Industrial robots: FANUC vs KUKA

On May 19, 2017 it was aired on television cannell Rbc Elena Khrupova’s TV-broadcast called “Lidery rynka” - Industrial robots: FANUC vs KUKA.

Invited experts shares their success in business and held a discussion on the topic: “How does the use of industrial robots help to increase productivity and get additional benefits to the business?”

An experts were Aleksandr Yashkin, CMO of FANUC Russia, Mikhail Tulkin, CEO of RCML and Dmitry Kapishnikov, CEO of KUKA Robotics RUS.

During debating lot’s of top issues were discussed.

Thanks a lot to Elena Khrupova and to Rbc TV for invitation!

You can watch it here!

Experts about RCML

We are glad to present you a new interview to a business magazine about machine tools industry “Expert. Metalloobrabotka”!
Mikhail Tulkin, CEO of Robot Control Technologies give a talk about successful project “RCML”, shared with his market opinion and disclose some business secrets!

Read more here

12 heroes for the Perm press

For the third time, the awarding ceremony took place in Perm, the founders are the leading Perm media. This time, the journalistic community named its heroes 11 people and two companies. Robot Control Technologies and Mikhail Tyulkin are in the list of awarded writes about the award

RCML team will teach to communicate German robots with each other

Perm IT specialists have developed a language that will allow robots to communicate each other. They were offered new technology for industrial robots in Germany.

Details here

The Russian company developed the RCML language for industrial robots

The Robot Control Technologies company (RCT) has created a universal software language for "communication" of industrial robots - RCML - and actively engaged in its promotion in Russia and Europe.

The interest to the development was demonstrated by the domestic engine-building plant of NPO Saturn, as well as German and Japanese companies from the sphere of industrial robotics. A cooperation agreement has been signed with the St. Petersburg Polytechnic University.

Read the article here

From "Lego" and "Сockroaches" to the universal language for robots

Mikhail Tyulkin solved the problem of Industry 4.0 in December 2016. In two years, the start-up Robot Control Technologies developed the universal RCML language, which allowed integrate industrial robots into a matrix production structure.

About the problem of Industry 4.0 and Its solution read here

Perm robotics. The special report

RBC-Perm released a special report about the Perm robotics. Let's see it)


Robots will have economic relations in the future

There are only 1.5 million industrial robots in the world, and each of them is very expensive and difficult for programming. The project Robot Control Meta Language (RCML), founded by Mikhail Tyulkin and Dmitry Sutormin, allows to program robots of different brands in one language. Mikhail Tyulkin, CEO of Robot Control Technologies, visited BusinessTalk in Perm's HSE and spoke about his project.

RBK-Perm: Robot Control Technologies successfully tested their development in Germany

Perm company Robot Control Technologies successfully tested their development in Germany. RBK-Perm news

What is innovation and how do NPO Saturn work with it?

Dmitry Ivanov: "He (the winner of GenerationS 2016) developed a programming language for robots. It seems that where is something new here? But robots can be by different manufacturers and models. And programming language can change. Imagine that you have 100 robots in the enterprise. And everyone is different - everyone has their own advantages. Even if all of them are bought from one manufacturer, how can they be programmed? The program for one does not suit to another. And the language developed by the guys allows the operator to do the program once, and then it automatically approaches all the robots."

Read more

Shag Rossii - Next GenerationS

On Sunday, there was the final of GenerationS competition in St. Petersburg. The winner project just hit the members of jury. This is despite the fact that the сommission consists of the most influential people in technology. An exclusive interview with the winner the RCML project is in video

From the "Iron man" to "Nanocapsules". Top 10 inventions of Perm scientists

There are a lot of scientific achievements in recent years appeared in the Perm region. The engine of progress is, first of all, the youth. Working in various fields from medical development to robotics, scientists create the basis for projects that can change people's lives in the future only for the better.

"AiF-Prikamye" compiled a list of Perm know-how, which were successfully implemented both in production and in everyday life of people, or while they are at the testing stage.

Winners GenerationS: we program tasks, not robots

Michael Tulkin, one of the creators of the universal programming language for industrial robots - RCML said the Agency for Strategic Initiatives of why we need to teach robots to communicate with each other, and what tasks can be solved by "smart" industrial complexes.

Our project has became the winner of a start-up accelerator Generations, which was held at the St. Petersburg Polytechnic University of Peter the Great.

Developers of a universal language for "communication" of robots became winners of the track TechNet GenerationS

CNews Media is the largest high-tech publication in Russia and CIS countries. More than 100 news items covering the state of the Russian and foreign markets for computer equipment, software, information and automation, e-commerce and telecommunications, the gaming industry are published daily on the website. In the field of attention CNews are technological innovations, interesting projects, the financial side of the business of IT companies, the industry development trends, the latest scientific developments.

Our RCML project also is included in the field of view in this publication: Developers of a universal language for "communication" of robots became winners of the track TechNet GenerationS

The authors of the programming language for any of robots won the startup competition in St. Petersburg

The news agency TASS has prepared an article about the winners of the track TechNet startup accelerator GenerationS.

Robot Control Technologies as the winner concluded a cooperation agreement with the Polytechnic University and planed to participate in the project "Factory of the Future" as part of the National Technology Initiative. In addition, the company received a ticket to the exhibition of robotics in Germany and the opportunity to participate in the final, which will consist of the leaders in the eight directions of a start-up accelerator GenerationS.

Universal language can make a revolution in robotics, comparable to that which occurred in the development of the Internet with the advent of html language


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