Another important result of the track TechNet in startup accelerator GenerationS became the cooperation agreements between IPPT SPbPU and the winners of the track  "RCML".

The second stage of the accelerating program the TechNet track was held on the Peter the Great Institute of Advanced Production Technologies from January 27 to February 5, 2017. The participants of the GenerationS finalized their projects in terms of the business component and mechanisms for attracting financing, communicated with leading experts, engineers of the CompMechLab IC and representatives of the business community, thought out strategies for launching the product on the market, on February 5 to present them to representatives of track partners, venture funds, private investors , As well as the commission of the Foundation for the Promotion of Innovation.

CompMechLab is the center of computer engineering, where more than 50% of the bodies all the cars in the world were designed! In the design of the body, the center completely designs the body production process up to the programs that will be loaded into the robots that make the assembly of this body.

These teams are supposed to be involved in work on joint projects in the field of advanced production technologies, in particular, in the implementation of projects launched by the working group of the TechNet of the National Technological Initiative.