Robotics allows to build manufacturing process very flexibly and to rapidly make adjustments, thus excluding the inertia of the traditional approach. All the major manufacturers of robots, which are at the forefront of robotics process, also understand this.

This is also true for the Japanese company FANUC, which first introduced RCML Dashboard at the Perm Engineer Forum as one of the most successful projects in the field of software solutions for robotics that solve such a problem. FANUC is included in the global top 3 manufacturers of industrial robots, according to NAURR.

RCML Dashboard is a web-based dashboard that manages a robotics complex, which allows to:

  • assess the effectiveness of the introduced robots and make adjustments in their work
  • see what each robot is doing in real time
  • monitor the dynamics of incoming tasks and load of robotic production
  • set new tasks to robots and change their priorities in the online mode
  • obtain substantive statistics that does not require semantic interpretation, unlike the technical parameters from sensors and motors.

RCML Dashboard is compatible with any robots and industrial equipment (including NC machines) that support communication over the standard and most common industrial interfaces and protocols (modbus, ethernet, ethercat, profinet, etc.).

RCML Dashboard can be simultaneously accessed from any device, whether it is an industrial tablet mounted next to the production unit, a computer at the operator’s stand or in the manager's office. If there is a connection to the Internet at the enterprise, it is possible to manage robots’ tasks remotely using a laptop, tablet or smartphone from home or on a business trip.