Release 1.0.8 is a maintenance release. It primarily includes internal improvements and optimizations to facilitate support.

This RCML version introduces blocking counters called "semaphores", which allow the programmer to track and monitor RCML behavior when the robots switch from parallel task execution to serial task execution. The prerequisites for this innovation were the build tasks that would allow parallel installation of new parts and assemblies into the assembled structure.

The list of changes:

  • - Added: system functions for semaphores management (blocking counters);
  • - Added: ignoring of exceptions thrown by the functions that are executed without waiting;
  • - Fixed: sometimes resulted in statistics loss when a robot performed a user-defined function;
  • - Fixed: unblocking of the statistics database by the interpreter at the moment of sending requests to the robot selection modules;
  • - Fixed: logical (and/or) operations priority;
  • - Fixed: delayed variable initialization;
  • - Removed: robot selection by priority if the robot's selection module couldn’t make selection;
  • - Removed: support of robot selection for robot modules with API versions 000 and 100.

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