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RCML in "Start. Up! Germany"

RCML has passed a competitive selection for "Start. Up! Germany "!

We ranked second in the qualifying round among Russian companies working in the areas of automation of production, energy and logistics.

In October, during the seven days long tour, the team of our project will present RCML language in meetings with German corporations and investors in Berlin and Hamburg, and will participate in Germany's largest startup-Forum - Ruhr Summit 2017!

RCML in Start. Up! Germany

RCML in the issue of News of Perm Region

Little insides about our trip to INNOPROM-2017 in the issue of News of Perm Region on the RBC channel.

Results of INNOPROM-2017

We finally came back from INNOPROM-2017, so we are ready to sum up the results.

Our project hasn't remained unnoticed among the world's Industrial giants, and was noticed not only by the governor, ministers and representatives of the largest Russian factories, but also by the president of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin.

Attention of the president, more than 80 new potential partners, new contacts among the largest Russian producers, references in federal and regional media, TV spots - participation in INNOPROM-2017 can be considered positively successful!

Watch our photoreport and do not forget to join us in social networks, soon we will tell you about our new partners. We promise, it will be interesting! 

RCML Stand at INNOPROM 2017

Vladimir Putin at RCML Stand

Communication with guests at RCML Stand

Programming robots at RCML Stand

Robots working at RCML Stand

Photographers at RCML Stand

Programming KUKA robot with RCML

Dmitry Sutormin at RCML Stand

FANUC robot at RCML Stand

RCML in a news on the Rifey-Perm channel

The interest in our project by the russian president at the INNOPROM-2017 has not been missed by media.

Watch the story about our project, Vladimir Putin and INNOPROM-2017!

RCML project was presented to Vladimir Putin

A program platform for creation of adaptive robotic cells for automated production, based on the RCML programming language, was among the most innovative Russian startups presented to Vladimir Putin at the stand of the RVC company during the opening day of the fair trade.

Putin at RCML stand

RCML will take part in INNOPROM-2017

From 9th to 13th July Robot Control Technologies will take part in the largest industrial exhibition in Russia – INNOPROM-2017.

More than 600 participating companies from 95 countries will arrive to Yekaterinburg to discuss international cooperation and development of industrial sector.

Robot Control Technologies will present the new vision of the way how to program industrial robots using RCML language and any mobile device. Visitors will be able to watch how robots can interact between themselves within unstructured environment using bin picking technology.

Find us and our robots at the RVCs stand at industrial automation zone. (Hall #3, Stand 3C9)

Would be glad to meet you at INNOPROM-2017!


New promo video about the RCML

The new video about RCML was released in the midst of the working week!
Robots and music, what could be better?

We were demonstrated the cooperative work of industrial robots of different manufacturers, as well as the web-interface of RCML dashboard.

The memorable experience from the RCML history

21 April 2017- The International Conference of Skolkovo Robotics V was held at the "Skolkovo". There were plenary sections with leading international experts in robotics and artificial intelligence from  from different countries including Russia.

RCML company headed by its CEO Michail Tulkin splendidly presented their work and industrial robots abilities!

How it was at Skolkovo Robotics 2017

The “Skolkovo Robotics 2017” conference has finished and the web-portal “RoboGeek” suggests us to see at that event though participant’s eyes. It’s got everything : comments, opinions, curiously things and wishes for the future. Check it out : here!

Grant from Microsoft

As you probably know RCML took the third place in “Generation S” and won nearly  5 mln for company development. But that’s not all!

RCML company received a grant of 120.000 $ to use cloud computing service Microsoft Azure. And we’re happy, you know))

Read about it in details here!

The outcomes of Aerospace Cluster

On 26 May Aerospace Cluster of the Samara region bringing together startups all over Russia in the Startup center in the Samara State University. All in all there were 24 projects that were presented in 14 sections.

The RCML company took part in a section about mechatronics and industrial robots.

Due to participation in that event the RCML company found new business partners : “ NPO Smart Solutions” and “OOO AKVIL”.

Thanks a lot to the partners of the program - Yellowrockets and to all participants!

RCML is on the top of rating

We welcome opinions and criticism of our work!  And here is one.
Thank you Ludmila Golubkova for the high appreciation of our work, for the article and the first place in the "Startup Collector" April rating!

More details here!

RCML as a member of SPIEF'17

The three-day St.Petersburg International Economic Forum which took place on June 1-3 ended!
RCML was situated with a booth Russian Export Center.

At that outstanding event RCML was presented by Dmitrii Sutormin, co-fouder of the company.

Some of the sweetest moments was meeting with Klaus Schwab (german engineer,economist and an ideologist of Industry 4.0). And he signed a book especially for RCML!  We`re proud of it!

RSML - the participant in the CIPR conference

We’re always on the move!

The multitude of events we’ve already visited, but onwards and upwards, right?

CIPR - our recent event!

CIPR is the first IT conference in Russia that held in Kazan from 24 to 26 of May

Major portion of CIPR’s discussions was dedicated to the theme :“Digital economics”. More than 20 roundtable discussions were held during that conference, where key problems were development of digital economics and information security in Russia.

Mikhail Tulkin, CEO of RCML as one of the participants of the roundtable gave a talk on  the topic “industrial robots”.

About Skolkovo Robotics in details

An excellent article was published on the website about our participation at Skolkovo Robotics conference. Our “barman-robots” left no one indifferent! About visitor's impression, project and plans for the future read here!

Thanks Olga Shetinina for the article!

About GenerationS in pictures

Generation S is one of the most important and complicated trail in RCML history. At first we became the best in sectoral area “TechNet” and in the Generation S final we took third place!
The RCML-team was awarded $85.5k (~ 5 mln

Here is the best moments of our well-earned victory! It was amazing, it was GenerationS!

Our partners: PNIPU,KUKA Robotics RUS, IBM, FANUC, GenerationS, NPO "Saturn", CompMechLab .

RCML on Rbc TV programm “Lidery rynka” with Elena Khrupova - Industrial robots: FANUC vs KUKA

On May 19, 2017 it was aired on television cannell Rbc Elena Khrupova’s TV-broadcast called “Lidery rynka” - Industrial robots: FANUC vs KUKA.

Invited experts shares their success in business and held a discussion on the topic: “How does the use of industrial robots help to increase productivity and get additional benefits to the business?”

An experts were Aleksandr Yashkin, CMO of FANUC Russia, Mikhail Tulkin, CEO of RCML and Dmitry Kapishnikov, CEO of KUKA Robotics RUS.

During debating lot’s of top issues were discussed.

Thanks a lot to Elena Khrupova and to Rbc TV for invitation!

You can watch it here!

RCML at Hannover Messe 17

Hannover Messe - an international industry exhibition. It is still one of the high-profile event in Germany and abroad as well. An exposition took place in Hannover and held from 24 to 28 April 2017. More than 225 000 visitors attended  that show.

The exhibition's lead theme was "Integrated Industry – Creating Value" .

 As a successful participant  of “Generation S” RCML team was at liberty to undertake an internship in Germany. After that Mikhal Tulkin, CEO of RCML (Robot Control Meta language) joined and presented his project  at Hannover Messe 17. 

We are grateful to NPO Saturn and RVC for the opportunity to undertake an internship.

Experts about RCML

We are glad to present you a new interview to a business magazine about machine tools industry “Expert. Metalloobrabotka”!
Mikhail Tulkin, CEO of Robot Control Technologies give a talk about successful project “RCML”, shared with his market opinion and disclose some business secrets!

Read more here

Boundary forum "Days of Perm business" with RCML team!

The regional forum "Days of Perm business" was held at the site of the exhibition association "Perm Fair". More than two thousand people took part in that event . RCML team, as an example of a successful start-up project, shared history of company development with  visitors and members of the forum.

Many words of appreciation were said to the interregional accelerator of innovation projects "Bolshaya razvedka", which played a significant role in the business life and creation of RCML! Hot discussion with the public showed in what spheres people are really interested in. Due to that great event we met a lot of potential business partners and investors.

Wish us good luck!wink


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