One of RCML features is automatic robot selection for a certain task. To use this feature, just specify robot keyword instead of a specific robot class where it is required to specify robot class: robot function call or assignment a robot to a variable. For example:

@r = robot;

Using only robot keyword instead of the full robot class name will be further called the abstract robot.

When using the abstract robot in a function call, RCML environment will automatically check what robot types from robots available in the system have this function with this number of parameters, and, if they are available, it will generate a list of candidate robot classes that can be used in the function call. Thus, not only different robots within the same class can be engaged in this function call, but also robots different by classes.

In case of using a special variable for communication with the abstract robot, RCML environment analyzes each function call with respect to this variable, and makes a list of candidates only of those robot types which have all called functions with respect to this variable.