A robot “saved in the special variable” can be released using a special delete operator, when it is required. This operator must be accompanied by a special variable that holds a pointer to the robot to be released. Example of robot release with a pointer previously assigned to a variable @r is as follows:

delete @r;

It should be noted that all robots involved and not released using delete operator, will be released at the end of the function execution only, where they were engaged. This statement does not apply to robot functions written in RCML, because these functions are executed in the context of a robot instance, and a robot instance be engaged in them. Read more about these functions in Section "Writing Own New Functions for Robots"

Remember that, by analogy with traditional programming languages where the programmer can allow a memory leak, you can now allow a robot leak in RCML language.

Section "Features of Function Execution by Robots in Different Modes" also contains important additional information about the mechanism to release the robot engaged.