Explicit and implicit data types are available in RCML. The first group includes those data types with variables which can be created and used in various operations. The second group, on the contrary, includes variables which can not be created, but these data types may appear in some implicit operations, or they can be used as parameters for specific functions. Data type for connection with the physical robot is set aside from this classification.

It should be noted, that at this stage of RCML development, other data types, including arrays are not yet provided.

2.8.1 Explicit Data Types

There is only one explicit data type in RCML – the real numbers. All generated variables used in the operations, parameters and return values of user-defined functions, and also of all functions of modules and robots are the real numbers.

2.8.2 Implicit Data Types

Logical and string types are implicit data types in RCML language.

Data used in calculation of logical expressions are forcibly converted to the logical data type.

String data type is used only to specify string constants that can be parameters for the system-level functions (RCML system functions, functions of robot modules and functional modules). A string constant is a sequence of any characters enclosed in double quotes, while the following control character sets can be specified in a string constant, deemed a single character:

  • \n – word wrap;
  • \” – inserting the double quote character;
  • \\ - inserting a backslash.