You can write a program in RCML in any text editor, saving it in a plain text file with rcml extension.

Rcml extension is advisory in nature, in fact, a file can have any name supported by the file system of your OS.

Subsequently, this file is compiled by RCML language compiler, while executing a number of procedures to prepare the program for execution, namely:

  • Validation of the program syntax;
  • Validation of function calls, robots and transfer of parameters;
  • Conversion of the program text into the byte code;
  • Execution of various modifications to the byte code to speed up its execution and memory utilization optimization.

Upon successful program compilation, RCML language compiler generates a file with program byte code, with the recommended double extension rcml.pc (PC – pseudo code). A file with the byte code includes binary content with a structure close to machine codes of the processor, executed by its own virtual machine due to certain features of RCML language.

The immediate program execution is performed by RCML language interpreter, as the name implies, interpreting byte code instructions through an internal virtual machine into real processor commands.