RCML Quick Start for Windows


RCML Quick Start for Linux


Go to SourceForge project page at:


From the folder of your OS, download the archive with files of rcml_build_X.zip compiler and the archive with files of rcml_modules_build_X.zip modules, where X is compiler version. Versions for these two archives must be the same.

Extract both of the downloaded archives to the same folder.

Go to the folder with the files extracted and create config.ini file there with the following contents:

module = test

In the current folder, create another file called hello.rcml with the following contents:

function main() {
	robot_test->print("Hello world!\n", 0);

This will be your first program in RCML, consisting of a single operator – a function calling output of the line “Hello world!\n” of the test virtual robot robot_test with a delay of 0 sec.

To compile a program, run the command line editor in the current folder and execute the following command:

rcml_compiler.exe hello.rcml hello.rcml.pc

A file of compiled program hello.pc will appear in the current folder, as shown in the figure 1.

Figure 1 Result of program compilation

To run the compiled program, execute the following command:

rcml_intepreter.exe hello.rcml

Please note that in this case you do not specify pc extension of the compiled program file. The example of successful execution of the file is shown in the figure 2.

Figure 2 Result of successful program execution